How to Enable Gzip Compression in Wordpress

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What is Gzip Compression?

gzip is a file format and a software application used for file compression and decompression. The program was created by Jean-loup Gailly and Mark Adler as a free software replacement for the compress program used in early Unix systems, and intended for use by GNU (the “g” is from “GNU”).

There’s multiple ways to enable Gzip:


If you’re using Apache as HTTP service on your server, the most common way is to add the following scripts to your WordPress .htaccess file in order to enable Gzip compression:


For those who use Nginx, you may include the following snippet in your configuration file( usually it would be /etc/nginx/nginx.conf)


Editing code would make many people uncomfortable, the nice thing about WordPress is it has plugins to save you from all these troubles. These are some commonly used http compression plugins

How do I know if my site’s Gzip enabled?

Tools to check if Gzip compression’s enabled:

Check GZIP compression

GZIP Compression Test - GiftOfSpeed