Kiddos - Hand Crafted Kids OpenCart Theme

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Kiddos is a hand crafted kids and baby themed store with beautiful design and powerful backend. Packed with endless number of options, theme admin panel offers unprecedented control over the entire store content and appearance. You can build complex layouts in minutes and adapt the theme to your specific needs. It is easy and fast to setup a web shop.

Import/Export Tool

Quickly export and transfer your custom theme configuration to another store! Choose between different
export options.
Theme Skins

The theme comes with different skins that can be changed with one click. Every skin brings different styling. You can create and save your own too!
Drag&Drop header builder

Everyone has their own view on how  the header should look like. Drag  the header elements around to build the one that best matches your store style.
Product Page Builder

No more restrictions of how your product page layout will look like. Change  the content elements position and styling according to your taste with the familiar Page Builder interface.
Custom Product Options

Easily change the product options appearance. Configure thumbnail size, zoom images, gallery appearance and tabs style.
Page templates

You can save your custom layout as template and use it for as many pages as you like. No more wasting time to build everything from scratch.

Sticky Header

Make your site quicker to navigate! Your customers will have an always accessible navigation menu with
minimalistic design that will spare vertical spacing.
Custom site backgrounds

Place a catchy background on your site to complement its look. You can have different background for every page or category.
Unlimited Colors

Extensive color control over the entire web store! You can change the text, background or border color of every single element. The color inheritance functionality will save your time.

Custom Fonts

Boost your site with 630+ web optimized Google fonts with customizable style, size, letter or word
spacing. Set a global line height and all elements will be automatically adjusted.

Sample Data

Bulletproof your Domain for $4.88 a year

Insert all demo products and settings with one click! You can now setup your store in minutes and start selling!

With full multi-store support, you can have different colors and fonts, style individually each website area, create custom layouts, page content and sidebars.

Responsive Design

Kiddos is designed to support devices with different resolutions. Your store will look nice on smartphones and tablets, laptop or desktop computers.

Touch Optimized

Theme supports touch swipe gestures in sliders, carousels or galleries. Hover events are handled for dropdown menus as well. No more worries about usability on mobile devices.

Live Edit

No more save and refresh! You can make changes to colors or fonts, modify navigation, style pages, use
Page Builder and see all the changes right away.


All theme added features support multiple languages where appropriate. E.g. a text block can have separate values and be enabled/disabled for different languages.

RTL Language Support

Full right-to-left language (Arabic, Hebrew etc.) support. Language direction is auto detected and works
out of the box with no additional modifications.

Free Support & Updates

Our dedicated team of professionals will do whatever it takes to fix any possible issues that may come up, or help our customers, if they need any ‘how to’ guidance.